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Web Design

Below please find various examples of website design, development, and support projects.


At BRCD, we take great pride in being the designer of choice for companies in high-tech industries. The thumbnails show just a few of our more recent works. Click on any one of them to be taken directly to the project page to find out more details about the design.

Nisene Technology Group, Inc.

The Nisene website has many awesome features, including amazing mobile and tablet styling, insane 3D product spinners, an interactive PDF with animated pages, and so much more. Click on the photo to review the project.

Aaware, Inc.

Aaware is an audio digital signal processing technology company specializing in embedded voice. In contrast to today’s big-tech voice user interfaces which require their own cloud services, Aaware offers its voice solution with integrated ASR/NLU partners on device. Aaware’s Embedded Voice provides a complete single-chip, voice user interface (VUI) solution focused on product applications where privacy, security and reliability are important and where strong interfering noise sources are present.


Brett Roby Creative Design is grateful for the opportunity to serve and support the commercial businesses that do the things that make our lives easier. The upcoming thumbnails showcase some of the sites we’ve done lately. Check out the project page by clicking on the image to learn more details about the site.

The Furnace Room, Inc.

The Bay Area leader in furnace and air conditioning installation, repair, and service, The Furnace Room, Inc. hired BRCD many years ago to keep their website design fresh and relevant. The TFRI website is one of our greatest design achievements.  

Emerald City Landscaping

A local landscaping design and maintenance company, Emerald City Landscaping hired BRCD to ditch their Wix-based website and replace it something that made sense for this decade. That’s what we did.

Kitchens and Baths by Design

Incredible designs for custom kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms require a site to showcase them. David Skomsvold of Kitchens and Baths by Design employed BRCD to keep his company’s website modern and relevant in a highly competitive market, and we have done our best to capture that essence.

Graham Contractors, Inc.

With a legacy spanning nearly 50 years, Graham Contractors, Inc. has had a website since the internet was a thing. Coincidentally enough, when Graham brought BRCD to the team, their website looked like something from the internet’s infancy. They gave us carte blanche to do our thing. That’s what we did, and as far as we know, we didn’t disappoint!

Xtreme Signs

Check out the detail of the Xtreme Signs website design project. We really went nuts on this one. Galleries, custom bullets, HTML5 goodies galore, and SEO maximization are just some of the things we did for Xtreme Signs.


If you’re a large or small business and want to easily sell products online and have the ability to expand your shop offerings simply and efficiently, BRCD can set you up with a modern and stylish e-commerce website using industry-leading tools like Shopify, Volusion, Magento, and more.


Designer and manufacturer of custom-crafted holsters for pistols and magazine clips, SleuthHawk contract BRCD to give them a site the made it easy for them to sell online.


Our local youth baseball league, Capitola-Soquel Little League, has a great online store setup that makes it easy for parents to get the swag they need to support their players. See the product page to learn about all the cool things we did for CSLL!

FlexFt Online

A retail store specializing in fitness apparel, FlexFt’s online store has all of the great attributes of a typical e-commerce website. Click the thumbnail to read more.

Semiconductor Spares

The Semiconductor Spares online e-commerce website is perhaps the most detailed and high-inventory website we’ve helped develop over the years. Read more about this project by clicking the thumbnail.

Forever M Fitness

We developed the Forever M Fitness brand from the ground-up, starting with an original logo concept and branding it out from there. Check out the details of the e-commerce website project powered by Shopify by clicking on the thumbnail.

Health and Fitness

Brett Roby Creative Design has done many websites in the health, fitness, and wellbeing genres over the years. Below are few of our favorites! Don’t forget to click on those thumbnails!

Bryan Stow Foundation

The Bryan Stow Foundation is an amazing organization that spreads Bryan’s message of inspiration, hope, and love to those who take the time to hear it. BRCD is exceptionally proud to be a part of the BSF team.

Capitola-Soquel Little League

A completely volunteer-run organization support youth baseball players, Capitola-Soquel Little League is a local league providing a place to play ball for the cities of Capitola, Soquel, Santa Cruz, Aptos, and other surrounding towns and cities. Check out the project gallery by clicking on the thumbnail.

Max Muscle Santa Cruz

Max Muscle Santa Cruz is the Bay Area’s #1 supplement store. They were BRCD’s very first web design client, back in the 2000s. A lot has changed since then, and their current site is years’ worth of updates and adjustments in the making. We hope to be developing a new version of their site soon once Max Muscle corporate has defined branding guidelines.

California NPC

California NPC coordinates bodybuilding competitions in California. Click the thumbnail to view more information about their website.


Brett Roby Creative Design can set you up with a website of any level of design complexity, regardless of your industry. The collection of sites below is a group of recent favorites that don’t squarely fit into the categories we have separated above, so we simply put them here in this section. Enjoy!

Williams Gate Works

As an industry leader in custom gates and doors, the Williams Gate Works website shines in many facets of modern design and technology. Check the project page by clicking on the thumbnail.

7th Avenue Center

7th Avenue Center provides individualized services and are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with serious and persistent mental illness. We are proud to be a part of an organization that helps people get better. Click the thumb to learn more about their organization.