Read some of our favorite testimonials below.

  • Logo - Graham Contractors, Inc.

    "Brought our web presence into the 21st century"

    I am fortunate to have worked directly with Brett both as a paying client for my business, and through his extensive charitable work with Little League.

    For my business, Brett single-handedly brought our web presence into the 21st century. For Little League, he helps me to design for — and satisfy — dozens of business sponsors, each of whom have particular requirements for their logos.

    Brett is detail oriented, on time, and on budget. He is now my go-to guy for anything web related or design related.

    I absolutely recommend Brett Roby Creative Design for your web and design projects.

    Che Corlett
    Vice President
  • Logo - Emerald City Landscaping

    "Professional, creative, and flexible"

    Brett is a true professional, creative, practical and flexible to work with. I approached Brett to create a professional website for our landscape and maintenance contracting business. The process was smooth. I met with Brett and we laid out a general overall plan. In a short amount of time Brett created our website — he created our “business home.”

    We are now “on the map” thanks to Brett’s creativity and technical knowledge. Brett was genuinely easy to work with, adapting changes we wanted done, to create the final product. We are excited for the future, employing Brett Roby Creative Design in other media and advertising ventures.

    Thanks Brett!

    Greg Jones
  • Logo - Furnace Room

    "He is very thorough"

    The Furnace Room, Inc. has been working with Brett for the last several years and we have always great service!

    The turnaround time on website changes is extremely quick — never more than 24hrs.

    He is very thorough and the pricing is completely resonable. He has even come to us with thoughts and suggestions on how to increase our web traffic.

    We would definitely recommend Brett Roby Creative Design.

    Shalisa Burdette
  • Logo - Daviess Baseball

    "Absolutely crushed it!"

    We have absolutely crushed it with your cards. Last year alone we made over $22,000.

    Every penny came to our program. Bought uniforms, gear, etc. AND helped pay for our Spring Break trip. Since we ditched the guy who was taking more than half of the money for doing so very little and started going through you, we are doing better than we ever could’ve dreamed.

    Brandon Dennis
    Head Coach
  • Logo - Williams Gate Works

    "Amazing upgrades"

    Brett Roby’s professionalism and skill on the computer are incredible. He has done amazing upgrades on my website with ease that other guys seemed mystified on how to accomplish. I would recommend Brett to anyone who wants a new website or upgrades to an existing one.

    Shannon Williams
  • Logo - Santa Cruz Television

    "Extremely pleasant to deal with"

    Brett Roby is an extraordinary man of many talents and interests. We partnered with Brett to finish our website, santacruztelevision.com. We only had a very rough start to the home page. From the first day we talked, Brett has been extremely pleasant to deal with. On our first meeting, he brought in a laundry list of ideas that he had been thinking about implementing into our website. Many of the ideas were the same ones we had in mind for our site. As a consumer electronics and home theater company, this project was right up Brett’s alley as he is a big-time audio and video aficionado. Therefore he was able to use his creativity and personal experiences to design a site that would be perfect for our needs.

    Brett’s communication has been really great as well. I sometimes get two or three emails a day with links to updates and new ideas he has suggested. We’ve received dozens of compliments from customers who have visited the site.

  • Logo - MICL

    "Has a vision"

    I approached Brett to support my marketing needs, since I prefer to buy things I can’t do. Brett learned my business, understood my needs, and helped me to build a platform for my e-commerce activity.

    Without Brett’s good advice, our website’s performance wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is today. He has a full range of vision of what a company needs for marketing.

    Now I’m working with Brett on the next phase for my company. The fact that I’m returning customer proof that I’m satisfied.

    Good luck, Brett!”

    Eldad Keren
  • Logo - Aaware

    "A modern and high-tech feel"

    Working through a complete redesign of our site, Brett was able to give us a modern and high-tech feel we were looking for. Brett carefully brings you into the design process weaving your desires in while keeping you apprised of best practices and where the design will be more maintainable. Brett goes beyond the call after the design is complete to make sure the customer has something that’s easily maintainable and offers a reasonable follow-on service for larger designs changes. Would definitely recommend Brett Roby Creative Design for your next web design.

    Joe Gianelli
    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Logo - Bryan Stow Foundation

    "We would be lost without you"

    Brett, thank you so much for all you have done and all you continue to do for us. Creating and maintaining our website would be impossible if it weren’t for you, and you do it with such professionalism. I know I can count on you to respond quickly and patiently. We would be lost without you….well, we wouldn’t have a website without you, anyway.

    Thank you, Brett! You’re the best!

    Bonnie Bush
  • Logo - Muscle Sport Productions



    We really appreciate your professionalism.

    Thank You

    Steve O'Brien
  • Logo - McCracken County Baseball


    Hi Brett,

    I wanted to thank you for your patience in processing this order for me. You have been great to work with and honorable with your word. I really appreciate that!

    Thank You

  • Logo - Kitchens and Baths by Design

    "Could not be happier"

    It is very rare that I come across “a find,” but Brett you are truly one of them! I have attempted to have a website built a couple of times. The first time, the web designer took my money and never produced anything; the second time there was no sense of imagination that I could count on with this person.

    When a friend and business associate told me about you I was hopeful but skeptical. You put my mind to rest in a number of ways, one was that I was confident you would make me a site that conveys the image I wanted without costing me “an arm and a leg.” Another was your patience going through the process, I never felt rushed and always felt “getting this right” was just as important to you as it was to me.

    I’m stoked with the results, and could not be happier.

    Thanks again,

    David Skomsvold

    David Skomsvold
  • Logo - Max Muscle Santa Cruz

    "Very impressed"

    Thank you Brett for the awesome job you did on our website and all the artwork you’ve created for our business. We were very impressed on the turnaround time in getting the site up and running. Your website ideas were great! When we had questions (which there were many), you were very quick to return our calls or emails with an answer.

    We also appreciate the time you spent, teaching us how to use other software programs that would help our business grow.

    We will definitely recommend you to other business owners looking to expand their business online.

    Geff & Sarah Malone
  • Logo - Nisene Technology Group, Inc.

    "Creative and original"

    Brett Roby has created logos for different companies of ours. The logos are creative and original. Our companies have received many compliments on them from our customers. Brett really takes the time to listen to our needs and spends the time to create a dynamic representation of our company. He also updates our website keeping it up with the times and has made it easy to use for our customers.

    Brett is in the process of creating a new logo for another company we have created and at the same time starting the new website. I have absolute confidence in Brett’s work and his ability to bring our vision of this new company to fruition.

    Lenna Wagner
  • Logo - Testimonial Blank

    "You name it and he has created it!"

    Brett Roby is a man of so many talents! You name it and he has created or fixed it for me! He has created numerous postcard, poster, and banner designs for VentureCare, all of which I have been extremely happy with. Each and every one of Brett’s designs also receives great comments and compliments from the spa owners and patients with whom I work. He also assists with any computer problems I come across. I am thrilled to recommend Brett Roby Creative to all of my spa owners and anyone else seeking creative design!

    Misty Jordan
    Patient Coordinator
    VentureCare Mobile Med Spa
  • Logo - SB90

    "I will definitely come back"

    Thank you so much for the awesome work you did in designing our class t-shirt. I had an idea and you made it happen, and it turned out even better than it looked in my head! I will definitely come back next time I need something done…

    A+ work!

    Domimic Bitonti
  • Logo - Judy's Sewing Center

    "Beautiful and user-friendly website"


    I want to thank you for building a beautiful and user-friendly website for Judy’s. Your ability to respond so quickly to my many questions and requests just shows how talented and professional you are. It is a pleasure working with you and I appreciate the added value that your work has brought to the store.

    Thanks Again,

    Marie Abernathy
  • Logo - Testimonial Blank

    "Awesome Design"

    Earlier this year our store had a meeting, and we decided to hold a 4×4 event for our customers. While at the meeting they put me in charge of coming up with some sort of design for shirts and stickers. So I brainstormed a bit, and whipped up the truck logo on a napkin. Yes, a napkin! The guys loved it, and left it up to me to make it come to life.

    Well, I just don’t have the skills to do something that extreme, so I asked Brett about it and he was able to pull off what I thought was impossible. After weeks of different versions he came up with the final that I thought we would never reach. Throughout the process he would send roughs, which we would look over and send back with requests for adjustments, and comments here and there. The amount of work and time Brett put into this design had to be incredible. I remember one day bouncing ideas back and forth resulting in at least 6 different variations. It was insane! But he was able to work with each and every item we asked about.

    In the end, we had an awesome design for our show, which we were proud to display on our show shirts, stickers, and even put them on our trophies! It was such a hit, that our company owner took the design and made even another batch of shirts to sell to our customers.

    Many thanks to Brett for making such a great design. We cant wait to work with him again on future endeavors!

    Nate Misenheimer
    Marketing and Purchasing
    Napa Auto Parts — Rathdrum, Idaho
  • Logo - DfR Solutions

    "A great resource"

    The organization of the Service and Operation Manual provided with the system (designed by Brett Roby Creative) allows users to quickly find the information they need to do their jobs and it is a great resource for OJT of new operators.

    Mike Howard
    Director of Operations