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Built-in with every Shopify-based platform website you will find mobile-friendly designs that make shopping from your phone an absolute breeze. SleuthHawk is no different.


Shopping on the SleuthHawk site from your iPad is very simple.

Shopping Cart

Add products to your cart and check-out easily on the SleuthHawk site.

Product Shots

You will find high-resolution photos that load very quickly on each collections and product page of the SleuthHawk site.

Credit Cards Accepted

Pay with credit card if you wish.

PayPal Accepted

SleuthHawk accepts PayPal.


Shopify stores always have amazing SEO features.

An amazing product that supports our country’s servicemen, SleuthHawk designs and manufactures custom waistband holsters from Kydex for all of the industry’s leading pistols and magazine clips including Glock, Smith & Wesson, and more.

With a storefront built on Shopify’s framework, SleuthHawk is so custom that you would never guess that it came from one of their templates. BRCD took the template and of course made it match the SleuthHawk logo to give it an ultimately cool look. Customers can browse and search the site smoothly, add items to their cart, and check-out using any major credit card or PayPal.

Click here to visit the SleuthHawk website.

Coolness Factor

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