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Stickify Logo

One of our newest clients, Stickify was looking to disassociate with a previous regime of their business' history and contracted BRCD to go to town on a logo that broke all ties to the past. No rules; just make something cool. Those are our favorite types of projects! Actually, we did have one rule: make sure it could be easily plotted and made into a sticker. With this in mind, BRCD created a simple and clean logo that looks like a sticker, as illustrated in the examples in the gallery. BRCD also took this logo and created an online storefront for Stickify so they they could sell their merchandise effectively and efficiently. Have a look!

Santa Cruz Radio and Television

Santa Cruz Television Logo

Our friends over at Santa Cruz Radio and Television were in search of a new logo to freshen-up their style and modernize their brand. BRCD took a futuristic color palette and clean line approach to come up with the logo you see here. We even added some neon effects to the lettering to give it a little bit of life and keep it from being too sterile. The website has also received a complete overhaul based around this new logo. Check it out!

Hawkins Farms (Logo Recovery)

Hawkins Farms Logo - Vectorized

BRCD connected with Hawkins Farms when preparing the CSLL yearbook for the 2016 season. Hawkins Farms sponsored one of the basbeall teams that year, and as such we were looking to give them proper dues by advertising their business via a large logo on the team's page that they sponsored. They had literally nothing in terms of a record of their corporate logo. You'd be surprised how often BRCD encounters this type of client. Fortunately we were able to convince the business owners of the importance of having a vectorized logo for their records – from business card creation, hats, sweatshirts, anything that has to do with printed materials... It's absolutely critical! Sure enough, we came up with what you see in the attached gallery. Have a look at the source image. This photo is all they had: just a photo of a beaten-up sticker that had been on the side of a dented and scratched wall for many years. We were quite happy with the results for this one! Also included in this job was a complete style guide with Pantone colors and fonts used, which you can see at the end of the gallery.

Capitola Iron Cross-Inspired Logo (Logo Recovery)

Capitola Iron Cross Logo - Original!

Hired by Istyly to create a vintage logo for a customer of theirs who wanted a new run of shirts, this iron cross-inspired Capitola city logo was a fun one. There was absolutely no digital record of this logo to be found. If you have a look at the original source photo, this is all we had. That's right: an old photo of a shirt on someone's back! Talk about a difficult task; BRCD was up to it. We had to make some executive decisions in terms of design due to missing information and challenging angles and shapes presented to us by the photograph, but in the in we feel like we captured the essence of the original logo. All parties were happy and this logo is alive and well again!

Nisene Technology Group, Inc.

Nisene Logo

Nisene Technology Group, Inc. had an existing logo that needed to be "freshened up," as it had been in use for over a decade. The owners wanted something that represented a new paradigm in the company as well as something new that "felt like it was going forward" — the latter of which is a reference to how their old logo had a sense to it that it was pointing the wrong way. After some playing with various ideas and retaining the sunburst element and little else, we developed what you see to the right of this text.

Soquel Creek Animal Hospital (Logo Recovery)

Soquel Creek Animal Hospital Logo - Vectorized

Soquel Creek Animal Hospital is like so many we have seen before: businesses who at one point had an original artist create a great logo, only to leave the business owners hanging without any documentable resources for additional work that they might want done involving their brand. BRCD took an existing JPG file that the owner had downloaded from the internet and e-mailed to us, and then convereted it into something that is infinitely scalable, complete with Pantone color assignments for all colors in the logo. This and the font styles are included in the style guide that we created as well. Another happy customer!

SB90 Police Academy Class

SB90 Logo

This design was a gift from BRCD to a friend who had just finished police academy training. The name of his class was SB90 and he wanted something to remember his time at the academy by printing shirts for his co-graduates. What you see in the image gallery to the right is a spin on the classic G.I. Joe logo from the 1980s. Enjoy.



The logo for Brett Roby Creative Design. Originally conceived to be something that just looks neat on its own, the BRCD badge contains hidden characters. See if you can spot them! We've included all versions of the BRCD logo in use today — the full "press kit" if you will.

Sluggers (Logo Recovery)

Sluggers Logo

Another project for a client who is also a friend. This time, the friend/client had a hat with a logo on it that he wanted BRCD to capture in a digital format so that he could use it for promoting his baseball team, and using it with letterheads and such. He no longer had the original file and didn't know who created it, so essentially the file was lost. BRCD took a photo of his hat and then re-drew the logo from scratch. Check out the gallery to see how it went down. This is what we call "logo recovery" and we do this all of the time.

D1 Fundraising

D1 Fundraising

President and Owner of D1 Fundraising originally had the notion that his new business should have the outward appearance as "solid" and "strong" to go along with their "Supporting Youth Programs" tagline. We originally went with a Roman architecture, pillar-based theme. D1 Fundraising's main client base tends to be athletic programs, so after BRCD suggested a sportier concept, we conceived and developed the "swoosh" idea seen in the graphic to the right. Check out the swoosh and older pillar versions in the pop-up gallery.

Durabom Ceramic Coating

Durabom Ceramic Coating

Durabom Ceramic Coating manufactures a special type of paint that has uniquely durable, long-lasting characteristics and amazingly elastomeric properties. The company's owner wanted something along the lines of a text graphic that looked like someone was trying to "pull it apart," so we came up with the stretched banner idea you see here. Check out the Durabom Ceramic Coating website when you get a chance.

Matadors Booster Club

Matadors Logo

The Matadors booster club supports the San Francisco Bulls hockey team, a minor league affiliate of the San Jose Sharks. The new booster club needed a brand, and brought BRCD on for the job. The results are what you see to the right.

Compass Wall Decoration

Large Wall Graphic

This customer wanted a huge compass graphic for a wall inside their building. They feel that the compass is symbolic of their company and philosophy. They commmisioned BRCD to design a clean, iconic compass using the company color scheme. The final size of this graphic as installed on the wall is approximately 10' x 10' — it's a really huge sticker!



Die-hard Houston Astros fan goes by the screenname "Astroburn" in online forums. To illustrate his loyalty to the team and commitment to the screenname, he wanted a custom text logo in the vein of the mid-1990s Astros design. A combination of logo recovery, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop helped achieve what you see in the gallery.


Forever in Our Hearts

A very special person passed away recently, and we created this automobile window sticker by which to remember her. The graphic at right explains it all. RIP, mama LoGiudice. Forever in our hearts.

Monopoly-themed Party


Monopoly title deeds and other elements from the popular board game used for a themed party. Trying to re-create the traditional and iconic graphics from the game that we've all come to know and love over the years was no easy task, considering the source material was created long before computers and the internet were even conceptual. BRCD scoured the internet to find all they could, then used Adobe Illustrator to draw all of them from scratch based on the images they were able to gather. We had lots of fun with this project! We wish we had more pictures of the final event, but have a look at the gallery to see the shirts that had the title deeds printed on them.

Evolution (Logo Recovery)

Evolution logo recovered

Customer Evolution Skin & Body lost their logo. BRCD came in and re-drew it based off of a JPG found on their website. The result is what you see to the right (the "after" is shown first; "before" shown second in the gallery). This logo can now be used for high-quality printed media, as the file was created in Adobe Illustrator, which is a vector-based drawing program. Vector allows for infinite scalability without resolution degradation, which is essential for printing.

Stay Tuned!

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