Advertising and Marketing Works Gallery

On this page you'll find a very small sample set of miscellaneous projects completed by BRCD. From posters to postcards, and mailers to plaques and trophies, we've got quite a collection here. If you would like any of these in a higher resolution than what is displayed on the website, just let us know.

Muscle Sport Productions Posters

San Francisco 2016 Poster

Repeat customer Muscle Sport Productions hosts all of the NPC bodybuilding shows throughout the year. In early 2013 they began commissioning BRCD to come up with something new for their shows. A gallery of many posters can be seen to the right. Actual size: 11" x 17".

These designs are also featured in other mediums, including magazines, websites, and letter-sized mailers.

Powder Room Postcard Mailer

The Powder Room Postcard

A postcard mailer for Powder Room. BRCD started this project with only a business card as reference to their existing branding. We were able to take the look and feel of the business card and expand on it to create a postcard mailer. We were very happy with the finished product, as was the customer. Click on the image at right to view the final mailer front as well as the original business card. Actual size: 6" x 4".

GG's Spa & Salon Postcard Mailer

GG's Spa & Salon Postcard Mailer

A postcard mailer for GG's Spa & Salon. A nice and simple layout with a soft image and color scheme. Actual size: 6" x 4".

Evolution Skin & Body Brochure

Evolution Skin & Body Brochure

A brochure for Evolution Skin & Body. Using the famous BRCD logo recovery technique for starters, we had to first capture a proper Evolution logo. The customer's original brochure was nice, but the they wanted something new and different. While they weren't offering any new products per se, they wanted to shake-up their design a bit so they hired BRCD to come up with something new. Using their color scheme, BRCD was able to come up with a tri-fold brochure using a combination of Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Actual size when folded: 8½" x 3⅔"; when unfolded: 8½" x 11".

Plastic Card Fundraisers

Plastic Card Front

Plastic, credit card-sized perforated cards with accompanying smaller keytags used as fundraising promotions for various scholastic and athletic programs. Crop lines included in final designs at right to illustrate the punch-outs. Actual size (approximately) 3½" x 4½".

Ticket Book Fundraisers

Ticket Book Front

Foldable ticket books with perforated coupons used as fundraising promotions for various scholastic and athletic programs. Actual size when unfolded: 8" x 18½".

Little League Day 2013 Flier

Little League Day 2013 Flier

BRCD does a lot of design work for the local little league, Capitola-Soquel Little League. The promotional piece at right was created to advertise a popular event that we attend every year. Actual size: 8½" x 11".

Glow Day Spa Postcard Mailer

Glow Postcard

A postcard mailer for Glow Day Spa in Fresno, California. Sent to a database of clients several thousand names deep. Full color front and back. Actual size: 6" x 4¼".

CSLL Movie Night 2013 Flier

CSLL Movie Night 2013 Flier

More work for CSLL. This flier was used to advertise the 2013 movie night. Actual size: 8½" x 11".

CSLL Movie Night 2013 Flier (take two)

CSLL Movie Night 2013 Flier

A second movie night took place this year, so we put a new spin on an existing design (from above). Actual size: 8½" x 11".

Nisene/JetEtch Pro Quarter-page Ad

Nisene Quarter-page Ad

A quarter-page-sized ad used in a published scientific magazine. Actual size: 3¾" x 5".

Nisene Product Posters

JetEtch Pro Poster JetEtch Pro CuProtect Poster GelEtch Poster

A collection of product posters used for trade show exhibit booth. Varying sizes, but mostly in the 2' x 3' range.

Durabom Paint Can Labels

Durabom Durepoxy Converter Label Durabom Durepoxy Solvent Base Label Durabom Top Coat Label Durabom Waterproofing Sealant Label Durabom Super Stain Block Primer Label

A themed set of labels for Durabom's line of paint and miscellaneous coating products. Varying sizes based on application (e.g. five-gallon bucket, quart, etc.).

Napa Crest

Napa Crest

A simple crest or coat of arms used for shirts worn at a golf tournament for a Napa Auto Parts store in northern Idaho.

Napa Truck Silhouette

Napa Truck

This 4x4 truck silhouette BRCD created for Napa of Northern Idaho was something that was done based off of a concept that was given to us on a sheet of paper drawn as a very rough sketch. We took the original design and went berserk on it. The truck ended up being used for on a number of applications: bumper stickers, T-shirts, and trophies to name just a few. Be sure to look at all the images in the gallery.