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As a Shopify-based e-commerce website, Forever M Fitness visitors will find mobile-friendly designs that make shopping from your phone an incredibly enjoyable and simple experience that will keep them engaged.


Shop and browse the Forever M Fitness website from your Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, or Google Pixel.

Shopping Cart

Add products, services, and more to your cart and check-out easily on the Forever M Fitness site.

Athlete Photos

We put tons of great photos on the Forever M Fitness site, in the form of full-width slider galleries, before and after shots, and more.

Credit Cards Accepted

Pay with credit card if you wish.

PayPal Accepted

Forever M Fitness accepts PayPal payments for services rendered.


Forever M Fitness has amazing SEO features, just like all Shopify-based websites.

Forever M Fitness is built on the Shopify framework using one of their included free themes. We took the monochromatic greyscale tones from the BRCD-designed logo, and applied it to the entire site — completely customizing the theme to the point of it seeming like a brand new design (which I guess technically it is!). Not a single color can be found on the storefront with the exception of the images of the athletes and a few sliders — everything is black, white, or a grey tone. It’s a really cool look that we haven’t done before but that we feel came out really well.

As with all e-commerce sites done at BRCD, website visitors can browse and search the site smoothly, add items to their cart, and check-out using any major credit card or PayPal.

Click here to visit the Forever M Fitness website.

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