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To satisfy the vast majority of people visiting the Bryan Stow Foundation, a mobile-first design strategy was employed to maximize site visitor interest and engagement.


As mobile-first styling was of utmost consideration when taking on this project, the tablet layout was also a key component to delivering content effectively. 

Donation Capability

In order for Bryan to support his medical bills and travel expenses incurred while on his speaking engagements, a donations page was implemented to make it easy for site visitors to express their gratitude and appreciation monetarily.

Social Status

The Bryan Stow Foundation website is the site that is perhaps the most heavily reliant on social media presence of all the sites we’ve done. As such, Bryan’s social media links are clickable from just about anywhere on the site — and those same social media sites are linked back to the website for maximum SEO and web presence.


One important aspect of the BSF site was the ability for visitors to view his availability and make requests for presentations and assemblies. A simple-looking yet powerful calendar plugin was installed that affords site visitors a clear look at his schedule, while also giving the admins of the site an easy management tool.


The collection of testimonials that have been submitted over the years during Bryan’s anti-bullying crusade will blow your mind in quantity and quality. View his amazing testimonials here.

What can we say about the Bryan Stow Foundation? As we are all aware of the tragedy back on that fateful day in March 2011, Bryan has bounced back and overcome some hurdles that most would feel are insurmountable to make an amazing mental and physical comeback. Bryan spreads his message of anti-bullying throughout the country to youth and adults alike.

With a simple yet bold logo stating “Stand Up, Speak Up, Lead by Example” and featuring a pair of hands holding each other in the shape of a heart, it leaves no doubt that Bryan is on a mission to impart the wisdom that he has gathered throughout his journey — along with the love in his heart — to those who might not have been blessed to hear such powerful words prior to meeting him. His epic talks bring tears to those in attendance, and for good reason: his message is powerful.

To learn more about Bryan’s amazing story and how he can help your community, please visit his website:

Click here to visit the Bryan Stow Foundation website.

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