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The 7th Avenue Center website looks fantastic on your iPhone or Galaxy — or any mobile device!


Check out 7th Avenue Center on your Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, or Google Pixel.


The homepage for 7th Avenue Center greets the user with images and information so that you know you’re in the right place.


Galleries help convey messages. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gallery must be worth a million…or something like that. 

Brett Roby Creative Design was referred to 7th Avenue Center by another web design client. When we heard about the opportunity to serve the community by helping people recover and lead a path to healthy living, we were ecstatic and hopeful that we would get to work on the project. Fortunately, they chose us and we made them a nice site with lots of informative pages, easy contact methods, and a few nice gallery pages as well. It’s a very simple site, yet elegant in its layout and function. It serves the purpose perfectly. 

7th Avenue Center promotes a complete wellness approach including helping residents make healthy decisions such as encouraging smoking cessation, healthy eating habits and daily exercise. They work with residents to focus on their strengths and identify ways in which individual strengths can provide hope and inspiration towards the future.

Click here to visit the 7th Avenue Center website.

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